• Reduce claim costs an average of 25% ~ control your P&L
  • Guarantee savings with our 'success fee' programs ~no company risk
  • Accelerate HDHP conversions with confidence and reduce premiums
  • Optimize health care strategies including dealing with 'exchanges'
  • Ask about our 'voluntary benefit programs'


  • For an easy way to get convenient and affordable healthcare.
  • It's like having a Doctor and Nurse in the family.
  • 24/7 healthcare services that can easily take care of 4 out of 5 doctor visits
  • Appropriate with any health insurance plan, even if you have no insurance
  • Save hours & hundreds $$ on healthcare

Brokers & Associations

  • Provide unique value to your client's and membership
  • Add a strategic component to your health care counsel and impact
  • Help clients reduce costs and sustain that over time
  • Develop a favorable stream of income

Save with each use!

  1. 32% of our calls are provided a self-care option eliminating any cost
  2. Our doctors cost $10 per call versus higher co-pays or expensive office or urgent care visits. The average family saves $700 per year on general health needs alone
  3. 79% of the time, the most appropriate care is less than or similar to your pre-intent reducing your cost of care when care is needed
  4. The average family spends $1,300 per year on prescription drugs. Save over $300 per year
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