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If you could save thousands of dollars each month, serve your employees better and comply with the Affordable Care Act, would you do it?

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What we do

We know how to navigate the ACA to benefit any size company. We have a fresh take on healthcare that delivers significant savings to employers while improving employee benefits and satisfaction.

A Better Solution for Businesses of any size

Our healthcare services are a key factor in reducing your costs and help your employees spend less on healthcare. Our private exchange for small companies or self funded options for larger companies provide more choice, greater savings, and a service experience employees love.

Fully compliant plans - very unique solutions

Plans customized to your size and need. From providing your employees their own personal insurance package to modifying existing group plans into a more satisfying solution.

Our Healthcare services set us apart

These services are the foundation for employers to save thousands per year per employee while delivering a more comprehensive solution to your employees! They include both medical and non-medical services (dental, eyecare), 24/7 access and become a more convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional care when employees get sick.

A satisfied employee does not just happen. We go the extra mile.

We know the fears that employees have about insurance, deductibles and health exchanges. We earn your trust by providing more personal touch to assure a satisfied employee. During open enrollment and on-boarding programs, we guide employee decisions with licensed brokers and we educate them on how to get the most from their services.

I have been searching and finally found what I wanted. A Benefits program that gave my multi-state employees the ability to pick & purchase Health Insurance they wanted. My employees have told me they love the doctor on call, it works perfect when they are on the road all the time. Thank you enhancedcare!

Transportation Company Owner

enhancedcareMD Smarter Choices is truly the best option for me as a business owner and for my staff of 45 employees. Enhancedcare introduced me to a compliant plan I never knew was available! I was able to reduce my Healthcare costs by thousands of dollars a month. And even better my employees were able to pick their own Health Insurance plan and use all the enhancedcare services. My employees like the ease of calling the Nurse/Doctor anytime anywhere.

Financial Services Company Owner

Most organizations are trying to give their employees the best Benefits they can afford. But it is not easy to find a program that is ACA compliant that will cap my monthly cost every year and that gives so many services to my employees that they really love to use. enhancedcareMD Smarter Choices is the right choice for our school. Every year our group insurance increased and our coverage stayed the same. We did not even know we had the option of dropping our group insurance, until we came across enhancedcaremd’s solution. Talk about savings! Employees picked a plan suitable for their family and we contribute the same amount year after year.

Mary, HR non-profit school

We needed to be ACA compliant and we needed to act quickly to avoid the Tax Penalties. We wanted to spend the least amount of money but still offer value to our employees. Enhancedcare staff made this easy to implement and were very flexible to make it work for our unique team locations.

Gregory, Owner Staffing Company

Frequently Asked Questions

EnhancedCare's services are likened to having a complete support team behind each individual. Our complement of Nurses, Health Coaches, Doctors, prescription drug plans, and over 550,000 health care providers available anytime and anywhere help your employees make smarter health care decisions by making it easier for them to receive appropriate care at the appropriate time, resulting in better health outcomes.
The Marketplace is an online site where employees can shop for, compare and purchase individual health insurance from a variety of insurance carriers. Employees can choose an individual health insurance plan from a wide range of national and regional carriers, and can shop for coverage among “on-exchange“ and “off- exchange” options.

Most importantly, the Marketplace provides employees guidance in choosing the right health plan to suit their preferences and budget. Employees can create personalized recommendations to help them compare their estimated annual costs associated with each plan – not just the monthly premium, but also their anticipated out-of-pocket costs based on the employee’s own demographic profile and expected use of health care services.
With group insurance, the employer works with a health insurance company to choose one or a few specific health plans to offer employees, and employees who choose to sign up are automatically enrolled. The employer pays a portion of the premium, and the remainder is deducted from the employee’s wages.

The Marketplace offers individual health insurance, which means that the employer no longer has to just choose from one or two plans for all of their employees. With individual insurance, employees can choose from all the health plans available in the market, and they enroll directly with the insurance carrier themselves. The employee is responsible for paying their own premium each month to the health insurance company. Employers have the option to give their employees additional money to help use in purchasing their coverage.

Companies under 50 employees are not required to provide group insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
Yes! The Marketplace includes both "on-exchange" and "off-exchange" plans. "On-exchange" refers to plans that are eligible for a tax credit (also called a subsidy) available through the state and federal Health Insurance Marketplaces. "Off-exchange" refers to private market policies that are not available through the federal or state Health Insurance Marketplace and that a consumer cannot use a subsidy to purchase. Most private market plans have benefits very similar to those available in the public market.
Yes. If an employee is eligible for a tax-credit subsidy, they can still use that subsidy, even if you are also giving them a contribution to use toward purchasing their health insurance.
The Marketplace offers individual health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance, as well as short-term (“gap” insurance) for people who missed the Open Enrollment period.
Yes. You can offer the Marketplace to full-time employees, as well as to your part-time employees. You can even offer it to contractors (1099 employees).
Yes. The Marketplace is a great way for employers to provide access to their employees who are not eligible for employer-sponsored group health insurance to make it easy for them to shop for and purchase the health coverage they are required to have as part of the Affordable Care Act.